How to start a relationship in cyberspace?

This question can be answered if we analyze the mechanism of dating, to understand what is formed by the first positive impression of a man on the Internet.

Relationships in the internet, like we or not, is the new frontier in social relations. The fervour with which people are immersed in the network, found friends and even find a favourite, will cause a negative reaction by the sceptics. Opponents of the Internet will try to prove that these relationships are not real, they do not like it. Most of sceptics think that relationships in cyberspace can not be compared with real life, and those who prefer to communicate with the help of wires and chips just sick, dependent or afraid relatives.

Is it true that the "real" relationship superior relationships in cyberspace? Let's see, but first agree on the terms. What exactly do we call the relationship? This is primarily the connection of two or more people emotionally painted. It does not matter whether we are dealing face-to-face or maintain this connection through the web.
Why we are beginning the relationships in the network? Just as in life, because of need in communication. We choose our platform to meet: it could be a blog, dating site, thematic forum, the main thing, why we going to these resources, we automatically outline the range of interests. We are beginning to belong to the whole community of people who are also interested in cars, money, children, animals, etc., exchanging views on various topics, we define the people close to us in their views on life and far, their names and the cybernetic the information that they are willing to give of themselves.

Of course, dating online is different from face to face dating. The network makes it more secure, introducing more often than not hesitate and do not worry as in the first meeting. People can think about their responses and control emotions. Internet makes it possible to ignore the formalities (age, name, marital status, hobbies, appearance), all of this, if you wish, you can find out in advance. A feature of dating online is the same as if his absence. For example, in cases when you simply corresponding with different people on a common theme. You simply write your opinion and get back some kind of reaction; it is about how to communicate with a fellow stranger in a bus. This form of relationship of surface and / or time can not be attributed to full communion. This is a superficial acquaintance. Of course, they can escalate into something more when communicating want to get to know each other.
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