How say goodbye politely

How say goodbye politely

When you are invited to a meeting after long talks in one of best free chat and you go there do not want too, refuse it's not so simple. If you wanna be polite and are afraid to hurt someone's feelings, you definitely must know our handy tips.


Bustling in this matter just not worth it, but the directness might be offensive. Learn how to say "no" without adding to the failure even more negative emotions.


Don’t Says "maybe" If you mean "NO"


Failure does not mean you should get out the most convenient "maybe", but actually just afraid to say "no." Just gather your thoughts and be honest. If you squeeze out something resembling a "maybe", only to redouble its efforts to win over you and make the inevitable failure of even more unpleasant for both.


Directness, not cruelty


If you are worried about how to reject the suitor, without hurting his feelings, try to do it quickly. The faster you clarify the situation, the more likely can move on. It is not necessary to be rude and say cruel things, just be honest. You should not mumble, it will be worse for both. Just say "No, thank you." These simple words will solve the situation without any difficulties.


Don’t lie


If you really care about, so as not to offend people in free dating chat, the lie becomes particularly seductive. However, coming up with a nonexistent boyfriend or husband isn't good idea, especially if the rejected suitor ever find out the truth. This can help a stranger in a cafe, but if it someone from the closer environment, do not lie to get rid of him.


No hints at something that can change your mind


If you say you are too busy, then you hinted that you are ready to meet later. It's not good, because a man will be hoping for a meeting. Of course, a categorical refusal may be more painful, but at least it does not give false hopes. It is especially important to avoid this, if you have friends in common.


Do not keep it in your friends


If you don't want to go on date with a really good person who just does not suit you as a partner, you may be tempted to leave his friends. But this is just another way of budding, which is not justified. Many men take the role of a friend, then to become something big.


Explaining decision ... if you wanna


Some men need help when it comes to dating. If you reject his advances, and he asks for an explanation, you are not obliged to meet. "You're not my type" is fine. But if you are tuned to give detailed recommendations and it will take constructive criticism so why not help a person?


Don’t send conflicting reports


A smile can sweeten the bitter pill of failure, particularly if you're trying to be polite. But some actions can be perceived as flirtation. So try to be explained very briefly and not very nice to him after that, or your boyfriend may decide that he just needs to make more efforts.

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