How to save your relationships

How to save your relationships

As mentioned above, the main way to deal with jealousy is to identify, from what emotion it is in this particular case, what emotions dominate (resentment, shame, envy and so on. D.), And thought have their. Additional work is to quench jealous images. It is no secret that the fire of jealousy inflated properly - think, for example, a masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick "Eyes Wide Shut," in which Tom Cruise's character tormented by images of his wife's infidelity by Nicole Kidman with an officer. Jealous thinking speaks of the need to extinguish such images, and this is done in accordance with the well-known property of our psyche: if some emotionally intense way we played in the state of rest and relaxation, then we do not experience again those emotions, and there is the extinction of energy related. What images are associated with your jealousy? Check out our free video random chat!

That's it and you need to quench.

 This work is quite possible to do it yourself if you have a way with some relaxation techniques and self-control. Otherwise, you can only add fuel to the fire. Therefore, it is much safer and more reliable to seek professional help. PAN to his end of the conversation about jealousy again we return to the topic of love. Freud believed that jealousy is related to the "possessive love" - ​​I think that between me and my boyfriend have a contract default, the essence of which is: "you are mine, and only mine!" On the same installation writes psychologist, writer Vladimir Levi, in response to a letter addressed to him: "I would like to draw attention to a questionable phrase in your letter:." your man " Your bike, my closet ... Your car, my dog ​​... Possessive pronouns, claiming ownership of something or someone. Not consistent with the reality of these pronouns. Our chat random is grown rapidly!

Wishful thoughts.

Not just because it in our world is the ownership of the rights. Man or woman, husband or wife - not the property, and free being, with which we are free to enter into free union. " Well on the way to this kind of love is enough to understand that in the case of jealousy in fact the problem is not a partner, and in me, in my dependence on a loved one, in my insecurity, my fears. As a result of this awareness becomes clear that it is necessary not to make a scene of jealousy and scandals, and learn how to build a close relationship of trust, to learn to deal with their own emotions, to work on yourself, to love yourself for who I am, and to take responsibility for their own lives . Check out our innovative mobile chat room.

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