How to recognize a poser in chat?

How to recognize a poser in chat?

In the online environment especially in social networks and chat rooms you can often be faced with posers, people who use the identity of others. Although in most cases they are harmless and brings only slight irritation, but sometimes you can find very annoying personalities. How to identify them at once?

Inform yourself

A great way to protect yourself is to get as much information as you can find about who these posers are and what they do. So you can easily identify a person and to protect yourself.

Watch out for attention seekers

More often posers need attention, which they lack in real life. Beyond the Internet, they can be outcasts, loners, victims of humiliating attitude, so they are brought by someone more successful to compensate for his lack of attention.

Beware of their music preferences

There is well-established opinion that the posers pretend to like some musical bands of the niche which they imitate. But even simple questions about the respective teams usually expose them.

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