How to recognize a liar in the chat?

How to recognize a liar in the chat?

According to experts of dating services, lie is one of the most frequent causes of frustration for new acquaintances. Some cheat their companions, hiding their real reasons for finding the site. As shown by studies of American experts, 20% of users say incorrectly about his age.

Your task is not to fall for the bait liar, because otherwise the disappointment is inevitable.

We will tell you how to identify what your new acquaintance from chat random is laying. So, pay attention to how your interlocutor calls you. Most often, liars do not address by name, and use all sorts of endearing words and expressions (hare, my beauty, and so on.). So much easier not to confuse communicating with several new friends.

Useful information

Also liars love formulaic phrases and compliments that can be applied to several interlocutors. Notice how people talking about them. Liars tend to avoid the word "I". It shows that the person is trying to distance himself from his own lies.

Interlocutor unwillingly talks about himself. As a rule, a liar will try to steer the conversation to another topic.

Another trick of scam is the invitation to visit another site where supposedly interesting chat and your new friend for a long time have a profile. In fact, these proposals are not always harmless. Disguised as a man who wants to find love and invites you to visit other resource can talk anyone! Following the proposed link, you risk to bring to your computer a virus. Also, quite often these people just get acquainted only in order to attract the new website more users, but not for a relationship or love. In return, they receive compensation from the owners of the resource, and you get just another disappointment.

And at the end

Also, you should be alerted when the first notes of your new friend asks for a phone number or other contact. Unfortunately, these people do not always have serious intentions and often fall into the spam filters or blocked by moderators. They are simply looking for easy to explore either noncommittal meeting, once acquainted with a large number of contenders.

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