How to pick-up a guy?

How to pick-up a guy?

In recent years, the Internet inundated with articles and advice on "How to win a man", "How to keep a man," and similar. Some "gurus" in this matter went on and created a corresponding training. And the mass of insecure women go to such training, listening to such advice and makes the greatest folly of their lives – they are trying to get a bf, to get his attention, fall in love, etc. Should I win a man? Is it stupid? Because they have forgotten that the hunter is a man’s role and a woman’s is to keeper of the family hearth. And no wonder when women entered the "war path" that men can only sit back and watch ladies competing for his attention.  Learn more with our webcam chat blog!

Why ladies?

Because none of the normal and self-respecting woman will hunt for a man attention. You listen carefully and get a grasp closer to the phrase "draw - win - keep." It sounds funny, but it becomes at the same time like. The presently taught woman to attract men’s attention is sexuality, ie, her body. Unfortunately intelligent and diversified women in question of fashion, but in a fashion there are silicone lovers. And most of the young girls and older women believe that when they increase their chest, inflated lips and other parts of the body, they will be a resounding success with men. Maybe they will, but only for an intimate relationship. Norman men, as well as alpha males are looking for smart, interesting, educated women that are watching their body and health. The phrase "watching their body" means that they are involved in sports and eating only healthy foods. A "silicone-inflated self" or make a plastic surgery means spoil yourself and your body. And some of the women wondered: do men like women with silicone-inflated? Judging by the reviews on forums and social networks - Silicone beauty does not attract them, on the contrary pushes.

Should I get a man? Next. How to win a man? Is there a trap? 

By the way, I observed a similar picture in reality, when the girl to keep the guy has done for him headstand. But it did not help, he still left anyway. Remember the classic literature, if a man likes a woman, he started courting her, to attract her attention, captivate, to provide tokens and if a woman is reciprocated, he made her an offer of marriage. Nowadays, everything is exactly the opposite. And the phrase "Happy End" is in the past. As a result, the number of divorces exceeds the number of marriages. Trying to win the man, the woman takes the man's role. Weak men take advantage of this, and live as "parasites" by women. A strong man will bypass tenth expensive. Why do they prey which is itself jumps into the hands? Hence, a lot of single women and no less unfortunate women living in marriage. Let's say you managed to attract the attention of men to date with and marry him. And then what? Your life becomes a constant struggle. You spend all your strength, nerves, your life on it to keep the man beside you. And you do not have any guarantee that tomorrow it will not go away from you to another, to the one he won.

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