How to meet new friends online

How to meet new friends online

First of all, follow the principle of "If you want to get something – stop deserving it." Start with absolute inner relaxation on the topic of dating on free random chat. Even if you, young fellow or girl, literally bursting with the desire of meet with someone in the network, just though that you do not need it. Otherwise, there is too much unnecessary stress, which will not benefit you or possible relationship.

Technical features of dating on the Internet

You need reliable anti-virus software, while using free chat dating sites Skype, ICQ and two mailboxes, passwords to which you can easily remember, even if you wake at dawn. You also need good skills of working with search engines to search for specialized sites. Although it is not necessary - the most popular of sites are easily can be found on the main pages of information portals and search engines.

Moral aspects

Free dating chat is unpredictable, and people here are different. You have to be prepared for the fact that you can become an object of virtual persecution, your account could be hacked in, and intimate correspondence can be published on ICQ. The myth about the anonymity of the Internet is the incredible illusion that captures the spirit, but when sometimes this illusion disappearing and that fact sobers. For example, all the sites that you visited are knows your ISP. All your messages carefully sorted and saved in the web, and they will be here. Because of this try to act as if you is the protagonist of "The Truman Show." In the web try to act like if you are an insect under a microscope, which is broadcast throughout the world and at any moment can caught.

Even if you become a virtual object of harassment while video chat dating and you heartily watered mud and insults, this should be taken calmly and with good humour. Any serious reaction to your virtual provocation will only worsen the situation and attempt to sue your abuser may lead to the fact that you will sue a twelve-ignoramus.


In your profile, blog, forum, social network or e-mail makes sense to put your photo. It is not necessary to use the services of a stylist or professional photographer. Home picture will be more honest. It is desirable that on your photo was an opportunity immediately to estimate your eye shape, appearance and age. Thus it is better to do without pompous pathos especially on free to chat dating sites. Your photo should be bright and cheerful, and your position relaxed. The face behind sunglasses, breasts, double chin or a beer belly is better not to hide. An attempt to hide something you only do harm. Today, the correction in Photoshop affords even a child to learn. However, it should be understood that photoshoped sketches - it's much worse than their absence.

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