How to make a good impression?

How to make a good impression?

Learn more about your interlocutor. You need to know more about the man or woman you talk with. Ask more questions and then you will know the interlocutor much faster and will better understand topics that are interesting to him/her.

Suggest interesting topics. Sometimes a conversation can become dry. To avoid this add to the dialogue interesting stories and ask the opinions of your partner about it. This will help make the conversation more fun.

A smooth transition from topic to topic. Sometimes there are awkward pauses in conversations when you affect not the good subject. If this happens do not panic and do not try to continue this topic in any way. Naturally and smoothly move the conversation in another direction.

Be cheerful. Tell great funny stories, because humor is the best means to maintain a dialogue alive.

End the conversation on a positive note. Do not interrupt the dialogue suddenly and without explanation.

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