How to make good first impression?

How to make good first impression?

Talking in free webcam chat rooms, we certainly want to find new friends or love. This issue is of concern to many, very long time. We produce some excellent first impression is obtained with ease, others quietly envious of the lucky ones and learn to understand the secret of their success. In fact, to create a favorable first impression is easier than it seems, you just should perform a few simple rules.


Focus on others


If you scroll through the mind's own problems a good impression can be forgotten. The same effect is given constant thoughts about appearance and behavior. People feel that you are trapped, continuously analyzing every move and more busy with yourself than they.


Think of someone whom the impression? That's right, you are to them and therefore should not think about yourself. Not only that, behavior becomes more relaxed and natural when we transfer focus from ourselves to others, so more and people are pleased that they are interested in. All of us are selfish, so very nice person is the one to whom we are interested.


10 seconds rule


People make an impression on us in first 10 seconds of communication, and nothing can be done about it. If you stand before a man in unkempt, dirty clothes and with disheveled hair, it can take years to dissuade him later in your carelessness. So do not forget about the appearance. Then people will understand what you treasure and clever and a genius at all, but still meet on clothes.


Do not skimp on care for you


The point is not to always look good; we talked about this in the previous paragraph. The man who knows he is worthy of good quality care and cosmetics, feels confident and makes a favorable impression. Believe me, if you look successful and interesting, the others already trying to impress upon you.


Sometimes the results of work of self-taught self-confidence are dire.


Get tips of specialist


Don't try to save on services of professional stylists and beauticians. Sometimes the results of work of self-taught self-confidence are dire for both the appearance and health. Why you should contact the stylists? You can be sure that looks amazing, but a professional look by quickly identifies flaws. We are not objective and the advice of friends is not always to be trusted.


Listen more than talk


Again we return to fact that people only interested in themselves. So give other party an opportunity to tell about their own interests and don't try to impress him with your deep knowledge. This doesn't mean you have to dial in your mouth water because undecideds not too attractive. Witty commentary and encouragement cues create the impression that you're great conversationalist, and exactly what we needed.


Show the person on video chat websites that he has made lasting impression on you, and he will think of you as a very nice person.

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