How to keep love and do we need Internet for this?

How to keep love and do we need Internet for this?

At the very beginning of a relationship all the lovers believe in the sincerity and selflessness feelings of your partner, but time passes and dating somewhere disappear, cease to be meeting so welcome, and kisses are not as passionate and burning as before. How to return the old passion and how to keep the love for years to come will be discussed in this chatrandom blog article.

Periods of relationships

Love relationships are divided into several periods. The first is the most romantic: both partners only show their best side and in the relationship there is harmony and harmony. After a certain time, people adapt to one another, their sense of cool, and begins the second phase in the relationship. During this period, the man no longer holds with the woman as long as before, he has a hobby, he often meets with friends, making a woman more irritable, between a pair of scandals often arise that lead to some problems in the intimate sphere. The final stage is considered to stage the fight for the interests, independence and dominance in the relationship. If the couple cannot find a compromise, then sooner or later people will disagree and harbor hatred against each other for the rest of life. To avoid this, it is necessary to talk and solve all problems peacefully. No need to humiliate each other and threaten to leave, because you can still keep the love and forget the old quarrels and insults.

Platonic love

Feeling a strong sense, man can devote himself entirely to the partner, to forget about you and grow as a person that do not need to, because such a relationship will not live for a long time. Sincerity, interesting communication and personal ambitions are valued much higher than the binding and unthinking adoration of its second half. Very often after one or two years of dating, people think they know everything about each other, when in fact it is not. Man is constantly changing, and with it changes his habits and interests, so no need to make such sudden conclusions. Because of such ideas partners no longer interested in each other, mutual understanding is replaced by indifference, so that each person becomes selfish and live their lives and relationships with each day becoming colder. To save the love you need to be interested in the affairs of each other, be frank and stop manipulating the actions of a loved one. Spend a lot of time together, communicate with friends and discuss even the most minor issue, since it will return the communication understanding and affection in many bored attitude.

Physical love

Of course, some talk extinct feelings return is unlikely. Try often to show your feelings to your loved one, as the private and in public: hold hands, cuddle, Kiss, make each other gifts and strew compliments - these actions will help to recall the beginning of the relationship and return to them the warmth and mutual attraction. A very important point is the sex life partners: after many years of marriage, sex is considered to be bored occupation, is merely to satisfy the needs of nature. Do not be afraid to try something new in bed and be interested in your loved one about his desires and fantasies. Trust each other and try to satisfy not only yourself, but also your soul mate.

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