How to have fun together?

How to have fun together?

How about a game on the ukulele and learning a new language? Or maybe you prefer a joint yoga class? Learning a new breathes life into a relationship. "Look how close ties unite members of the same club, - says Anne-Marie Benoit. - The "dedicated" the feeling that they are on the same wavelength, that they belong to the clan of experts. «Experts recommend giving preference to such exercises, which can improve their skills or acquire new ones: it is this activity strengthens the connection, while also helping to draw new energy in communicating with others. Learn more with our blog and have fun with our chat with random people.

1. Take care EVERY DAY

Daily life is the only reality that we can reshape. We can neglect it, haughtily despise it or working on it. The most annoying thing in the daily life - is not conflict and neglect: in most cases, the relationship did not die from a terrible quarrel, but because of the small manifestations of inattention. Gifts for the holidays are not enough, the daily things are more important. Greet each other on waking, kissing at parting and meeting, to provide small services, compliment, do gifts and arrange surprises, celebrate successes together, to forgive each other in a bad mood, bad faith, tardiness, and forgetfulness ... The illusion of knowledge kills the element of surprise and with it a passion "These repeated signs of attention and interest for the salutary relationship then great promises ... provided that they are not done on the machine, - said Laura Collins. - We do not just demonstrate the fun of the fact that share our lives with a partner, but also cherish our joint creation - our love. "

2. Explore each other constantly

Choose a time to talk once or twice a month. Simple and honest, in the beginning when you were unknown continents to each other that are open but have not yet been studied. "Nothing kills love how confident you know partner's heart - warns Laura Collins. - This is a dangerous belief partner brings to the familiar set of rules that are constantly shuffled: lover, partner, farm helper, the parent ... The illusion of knowledge kills the element of surprise, and with it a passion. Many people start a relationship on the side, to see themselves again in the seductive eyes of another person" Discuss together what amuses you, captivates, excites, disturbs. Listen to each other, but leave comments to yourself. When the partner says, listen to him for real, look at it for real. Let his eyes, gestures, voice, words touch you. Learn more with our blog and have some fun with our free video chat with girls.

3. Make stories together

The happy relationship partners remember the past, cherish the moments of tenderness, and try to remind each other about how they were good. Reminiscing does not mean to depreciate the moment. From time to time you need to remind yourself of how your story is developing. "Try to review movies that once watched together - advises Laura Collins. - There will be much to discuss, remember, it's romantic and awakens the senses" Disassemble with pictures after a holiday, make together an album or collage. Think about how it will be pleasant, summing up the year, to update these touching testimonies, and to revive in recent memory a pleasure."

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