How to get rid of stress: scientifically sound methods

How to get rid of stress: scientifically sound methods

I do not know about you, but I have days when I almost all the time I stay in a stressful condition. Read more in our randomchat blog! In the evening you feel not just tired and literally gutted and cannot find the strength to do business. But sometimes, without even noticing it, I'm doing something that eliminates stress. It took time to understand exactly what I'm doing right. And a little more time to learn how stress occurs and why some of our actions could completely block it.

The main method

 Trudi Edington, a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist at the University of Westminster, said that physical activity and psychological state of man are inextricably linked. Moreover, our thoughts and emotions related to the physical reactions. This fact is the key to understanding the ability to tolerate stress. Researchers have found that a complex situation can cause a variety of reactions in humans that can be caused in the body content of certain chemical compounds, such as cortisol and oxytocin. And the level of these substances depends on the existence of strong and trusting relationships, support others, and even from a sense of control over the situation. Check out our new chat with random girls!

What causes the stress?

It is very difficult to distinguish between work and personal life, if only because the organization of the working process involves the use of smartphones. Through gadgets the information continuously attacks our senses. Often working letters and notifications appear on your smartphone even when the working day is over and you are finally ready to relax. In essence, the device is forced to give us maximum time to work, leaving the critical minimum for them. And this is a direct way to stress and emotional burnout. Our reaction to stressful situations is natural and necessary for survival. Bay, run or do nothing - our brain selects any of these scenarios, in order to restore the balance. But it is typical of the short-term, situational stress. Cam 4 men – is what you are looking for.

Long-term stress

It is a difficult test. It is difficult to control, because only the brain regulates the psychological reaction itself releases hormones when the frontal cortex detects stress. Frontal cortex - is the part of the brain that evolved to give us the opportunity to observe, analyze, and make decisions and plan. But she is also involved in the process of stress generation.

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