How to get rich with streaming?

How to get rich with streaming?
Today we are going to talk about stream and streamers.

Game Stream - is an online game broadcast on the Internet. Suppose you are playing in your favourite WarCraft, for example. But playing locally on your PC. You can this process a little differently: to broadcast your own game through the Internet, and to accompany it by your own comments. You play your game, and it broadcasting on a special website, onlookers coming, they are log in for chatting, talking to each other, watching the scene. Pretty cool.
One of the most famous streamers PewDiePie talking about finance side of a stream.

How to do it?

Now, when it is less clear that this game Stream, let's see how all this works in terms of monetization. Where did the money come from?

1. the most important item in the income column streamer - a direct sale of advertising spaces in the broadcast. Games especially flavoured with interesting commentary, collected hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of onlookers. And companies that advertise themselves at the streamers have long understood this. Therefore, in the popular tape drive sooner or later will come the major advertisers themselves.
By the way, if you are a gawker, the ads probably could be disabled by adblock or other add-ons browser. However, for this particular advertising nobody is going through. I saw on the stream-site chatting people which are agitated, like "Hey people! Don’t act like rednecks! Support a poor guy!". However, to win the sympathy of the crowd is still necessary to try. Therefore, the direct sale of advertising - it's still the prerogative of the mega-popular streamers. If your stream is visited by two people per day, any direct sales is out of the question

2. Affiliate Programs. Option of earnings is showing advertising video on stream. Payouts is 50%. But you need more modest audience. An example of this affiliate program can be found here -, it’s just screwed it to the main service. It’s possible if the presence of an audience contain 100 people or more.

3. Paid subscription channel. Users have the ability to get rid of the built-in display advertising service, and get a special icon to chat. To do this, issue a paid subscription to the channel

4. Donation-bar. In past, this option was used even on seo-blogs, and then people realized that it was useless, and took it off. To be honest, I do not know what is the situation with this option in the gaming industry now, but on the European stream-channels donation-bar is actively used.
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