How do we show loyalty to each other?

How do we show loyalty to each other?

Take care about the relationship - it means to solve the problems that threaten their safety and well-being, and be ready at any time to support your partner. It is quite simple to do, until cool passion. Family therapist Stephen Stosny explains how to remain faithful to each other afterwards with our free chat roulette blog. The proximity between the partners blooms when passion subsides. Similarly, the stage of conscious caring and commitment in relationships replaces sagging proximity. Getting to know each other, the desire to share (information, experiences), mutual acceptance - all that characterizes the initial stage of convergence lovers - cannot last forever.

At some point, this problem is solved

You've heard stories of each other, to feel the pain and the joy shared, lived through a partner in the past. Consent to share the pain and joy in the future - it is a question of mutual commitment, devotion. Fidelity suggests that between partners there is a very clear link similar to an invisible lifeline that insure in case anything happens, but does not interfere with the independent development of each. If necessary, this connection can overcome great distances and endure long separation. You are connected, even when you do not agree with each other, even when the quarrel.

Cohesion and separateness

People, who appreciate their privacy, are sometimes perceived as a threat to this relationship. The boundaries of personal space at everyone and they are determined by the temperament and experience of early attachment, the number of family members and the skill of controlling emotions. Introverts will likely need more space for privacy. Because of the strong excitation of the cerebral cortex introverts avoid its excessive stimulation. They need to be alone at least a short time to recover, "recharge the batteries". Extroverts, on the contrary, seek additional external stimuli for brain stimulation. Therefore, it is difficult to be a long time without relationships, isolation oppresses them, and social activity feeds. This contradiction between the introvert, perceiving a private, secluded life as a blessing and an extrovert, interpretive loneliness as a curse, complicates their relationship, and only sympathy and understanding can relieve tension. The need for privacy depends on how many people live in the house. Therefore, when discussing the features of his private life couples must take into account the number of members of their families present, and besides - the number of children in those houses where they grew up.

Regulation of proximity

Adjust the degree of intimacy in a committed relationship is not easy. After the completion of the first phase of the romantic relationship partners rarely agree on how close or far they should be.

  • For each of us the desired degree of proximity.
  • It varies greatly from week to week, from day to day, even at any one time.
  • It can be cyclical.

It depends on the level of stress. (One particularly important to feel the proximity of a partner in a stressful situation, and the other, on the contrary, it is necessary to move away for a while).

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