How to deal with the addition on social networks?

How to deal with the addition on social networks?

Currently, depending on the different types of social networks is becoming more ambitious pace. Now, almost every person has their own account in twitter, free webcams chat, facebook or instagram. The target audience of these networks includes teenagers and young adults up to 35 years. In these networks, people are attracted to the common interests, the ability to observe someone else's life. Find old friends and former classmates is also a cause of sitting time in social networks. In addition they provide the ability to communicate with several people, upload photos, and write your own thoughts, to share emotions and experiences.

How to understand that this is a relationship?

First of all, it is necessary to suspect that something was wrong, when a man blurred the boundaries between the virtual and actual reality. He begins to literally live in the computer and friends on the Internet correspondence become much closer. If you turn off the Internet or the inability to reach the person begins to experience a net force discomfort, which can be compared with the brittle addict. As a rule, such people suffer because of dependence, which in its essence alone. Sometimes it can be a lonely and far-fetched, but, nevertheless, it is an excellent catalyst for spending time on the Internet. Under bombardment get single women with a sense of inferiority and luggage various complexes, adolescents whose relationships with peers is poor and just a very sociable people who are not always enough attention and communication. These people spend most of their lives for the monitor screen, not knowing that overlooked the most important thing - the real intimacy of communication. There are several characteristics of a person, in which you can define, you are dependent on social networks or not:

  1. You're less likely to use the phone for calls and negotiations, and often go through it to the Internet and write various positions.
  2. You are constantly making your photos and put them on a daily basis in a social network.
  3. You are consistently viewing updates in the news section or on Twitter.
  4. You get angry when you cannot bear to enter the Internet, or notice that it is too slow.
  5. If you are going on vacation, you do not go there, where there is no access to the Wi-fi.

Possible consequences

Statistics shows that every sixth couple breaks up because of the social networks. Someone starts to their spouses put out permanent partner on the Internet, or someone had caught his mate in a virtual treason, cracking his account. Teens also completely cease to be interested in what is happening, they do not deal with in addition to studying, and learning, by the way, also not particularly engaged. This leads to an overall degradation and lack of interest in any form of activity.

How to deal with it?

With dependence on social networks can and must be fought. If you decide to do it yourself, be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to do it right the first time. The emotional jolt, positive or negative definitely will work. The illness of a close relative or wife's pregnancy can strongly influence the actions of Internet Addiction Disorder.

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