How convenient services and applications make us miserable

How convenient services and applications make us miserable

Due to modern technology, life becomes more convenient: no need to go shopping or to go to work in the office. But along with these things disappeared and a very important part of life that makes us happy. Our life becomes easier. You cannot even go to the store for edible - there are services delivery products. And if you do not have time, you can call in drive-in, and you do not even have to get out of the car to get your order. And of course, thanks to FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE You can forget about cooking. There are convenient services and applications that can help you enjoy cleaning the house, call the master to repair the furniture, for example, or plumbing. Unfortunately, over the convenience comes at a price. And the more effective it becomes our life, the less we communicate. Read our free webcam random chat blog!

More comfort - less communication

A few years ago, to buy food, you would have to go down to the store. On the way you could meet friends or neighbors and talk to them, then exchange a few sentences with a familiar vendor wink baby, picking candies next to the cash register, and only then go home. Now you choose in the five minutes that it is necessary to buy and only communicate with the operator. If you are using the application to order food, and I think sooner or later we will all move on to this shopping format, you do no one to communicate. Of course, a couple of sentences that you will spread in the seller that cannot be called as a full-fledged communication. Call it micro interactions. Over time, such interactions are becoming smaller. There is a growing level of comfort, and with it grows and voluntary isolation. And this applies not only to applications for ordering food or masters call home. Try our new mobile chat room

Remote work leads to isolation

Due to modern means of communication - messengers, platforms for the organization of the staff, videoconferencing and chat - work becomes more comfortable home. For 10 years the number of employees working remotely, increased by more than 100%. 2\3 of people working remotely from case to case. Moreover, an increasing number of companies that are only remotely, and are not his office. In general, the traditional workplace is becoming less popular. Try web cam with strangers chat!

And it's scary. After just five minutes in the office you will have time to talk, or at least say hello to the guard, the people in the elevator and have a coffee machine, a secretary and his colleagues, who are sitting in front of you. You can schedule a video call to a Skype chief, to discuss the report, but you cannot say hello to friends in the elevator. You can talk about anything with colleagues in the messenger or even create a group chat to it collectively. But this communication, in contrast to the real, would be devoid of spontaneity.

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