First date as a serious test

First date as a serious test

The first date is very important and difficult moment in life. Important because of the outcome of the meeting depends on the further development of relations. Difficult, because the meeting itself fraught with a lot of unknowns, it's essentially a blind date.

Preparing for a date is very restless and anxious.

 After all, you do not know what your virtual companion is, and you need to make an impression, so you need to prepare your best, no matter what the slightest negligence. After all, real life is not the random chat, everything has to be here and now.

I'd like to make a lasting impression on the partner, but it must be done correctly.

  • No need to put on the best dress, it can frankly shocking partner, but also reduce your chances of negligence half. It is important that your external content in line with the internal.
  • Good dialogue - it's like tennis. Noble asking each other questions, know how to listen, even if you really want to ask the following question, to tell story, or not very interested in answer of the interlocutor.

The manner of communication, voice characteristic locutions can tell a lot about a person, as an individual.

And remember, the first date is not the time for very personal information, do not ask about it, and try not to take the initiative yourself; do not get hung up on the past experiences. Safety on the date an important detail, because the first time you meet a person and be sure it is not possible, even if you know a lot about it by correspondence.

Try to arrange your appointment

So that it passed a short time-an hour or two at most, in a public place such as a cafe, in the daytime, and be sure to tell someone from the family where and with whom you go to a meeting. On the first date physical attraction is rarely so strong that would immediately push you into the arms of each other. Try not to show your partner the freedom from stereotypes and emancipation. For men sex is for the most part self-sufficient process. For women, sex implies a certain stage of development of relations in which a partner for it to become a close friend.

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