First and the last: 5 ways to spoil your date

First and the last: 5 ways to spoil your date

Moment when online relationship that you have find at one of free chat dating sites turn into a real dating is always exciting. As rule, on first date, we try to appear before man in the best light: long time to dress up, make beautiful hair, cute smile at the meeting, and laughing at his jokes in a loud voice. I want to like it, make a good impression and be sure of getting invitation to a second date. But sometimes it turns into a disaster rendezvous and rely on the continuation of the relationship is not necessary.


Play teacher

You should not find fault with the way the other person says or try to seem a lot smarter than him. Of course, sometimes the errors are very cut ear, but still better to pull yourself together and don't interrupt a man when incorrectly spoken word. Rather, he is worried, but because literacy afterthought.


The story of my life

Start with the first baby tooth and end up eating for dinner tonight. At same time try to make pauses in the story did not arise because he should know all about you. Don't forget to tell more about problems of your friend, who two days ago threw the guy. No matter what he does not know such persons. This behavior will surely make your interlocutor shudder and go to an urgent meeting with the business partner.

You should not throw out the goods at the man your problems on first date.


Turn into a "vest"

Yes, you need a strong man's shoulder and looking at man as a potential candidate for role of a "stone wall", but do not greet him with a cargo of your problems on first date. Fact that you don't appreciate the leadership, the apartment needs repairs, and the best childhood ever getting any younger sister, tell a friend. For men during the first meeting such information is useless.


To arrange a meeting for three

I do not necessarily lead to a friend (more on this later)  enough to spend whole evening with the phone in hand, scribbling sms, photographing dishes and share them in Instagram, enjoy every new Like and enthusiastically respond to comments. Male ensure you don't get bored and go away, not wanting to be the odd man out.


Dragged friend

Sometimes, when it is very scary, especially if you've talked only in public video chat and you want to call friend because she will support, if a candidate for a husband would be so-so, and she will appreciate that candidate. In general, no friends on a date. Men are usually don’t like the presence of another girl. And the normal date suggests the presence of only the main characters without a support group.

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