A few helpful tips for anybody and everybody!

A few helpful tips for anybody and everybody!

1. You should now who lives next to you

The tradition of having a visit to a neighbor for sugar or chat with him is slowly becoming as an obsolete. But it would be good to know in person at least those who live near you, just behind the wall. Exchanged numbers with some the most sane and observant neighbor: this may someday be useful. If you are interested in free random chat room, we have one for you, fellow.

2. To know what to do if broken appliances

Technology has to break property, but in many cases it can be fixed, sometimes even free, if there is a warranty card. You need to train yourself to keep all documents on the purchased equipment and not to lose them. You have to know where to go in case of a breakdown for the diagnosis and repair.

3. To be able to care for themselves

People are still being tried on clothes. It is neither good nor bad, it's just like that. So that others perceive you as adequate, interesting, intelligent and thorough person, you need to learn to look after them. Clean hair, neat clothes, well-groomed skin and hands, correctly chosen perfume - this applies equally to both men and women.

4. To be able to monitor their health

Of course, you cannot monitor their appearance and totally ignore health. Healthy people - beautiful people, because the condition of your body is reflected in how you look. And, of course, health - is the most important thing that we have. Strange not to take care of him, afraid of dentists, doctors avoided, wasting the most valuable capital, given at birth. With omegle dating is as easy as it could be!

5. Understand the dress code

For business presentations do not you come in evening dress or tuxedo? At a cocktail party is not accepted to wear shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops. Of course, freedom of expression - this is important, but the basic rules of the dress code need to know. Just in order to avoid being in a stupid situation during the critical reception.

6. To be able to navigate in space

GPS-navigator - it's cool, but you should be able to navigate in a little space for yourself. This can be learned simply by practicing and being interested in what is near you. Then, if the card is not before his eyes, you are still you reach from point A to point B without any problems. And this is an advantage over those who cannot imagine their movements without navigators. Websites like chatroulette is amazing way to have fun!

7. Know how to behave in nature

It would seem quite obvious, why does not need a running dive into the unknown river or have first got the berries. But the statistics suggests otherwise: too many do not know the basic rules of behavior in nature.

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