Features of bad date

Features of bad date

Do you think only men can spoil the first date? Of course, sometimes they behave silly: just think how to quickly escape. But we ourselves often behave in such way that it would be desirable then vanished. And if you absolutely frank, women, it happens abruptly men make mistakes. The following are the most common ones. It is very easy to spoil first date, especially if you've communicated only in video chat with random people. Do you wanna scare away once and for all fan then act in accordance with the instructions.


 Was late for half an hour

Woman has never come to a meeting on time. At least majority of women sure this is right. Why? It’s a mystery. They have been carefully painted and dressed, slowly get to the venue and then wonder why they didn't wait for a man. Or wait, but it looks very angry. And it's simple: for men punctual such a gesture akin to an insult. He arrived on time, so why could not you?


Drink extra

Drunken woman it's a nightmare. Not all are able to drink culturally; some "shall" so that then at least through the ground failure and terribly ashamed of behavior. Therefore it's better to abandon the idea of "courage glass, a glass to set the mood." Try to find inspiration in something else, but not in a bottle.


Changing names

It happens that you called the guy another name. Names like, do not argue, but to new friend, you can hardly explain it. Any man may seem extremely offensive with such mistake. So please remember, the name of your interlocutor, otherwise you'll have to forget about a second meeting with him.


 Climb into the soul

Of course, you wanna show in every way that you understand him and he can trust you with the most intimate secrets, but do not rush things. At the first appointment to ask questions such as: "Why are your parents divorced?", "Which is why you broke up with ex-girlfriend?" And "do you drink vitamins?



It is not necessary to try the name of man or dreaming out loud about a joint trip to the south or to talk about how we could live together. In no case do not make joint plans for the future, if you see this man for the first, second or third time. This agility is very scared of boys. They are so far from guessing and very frightened when they see that someone is so blatantly tries to catch them.

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