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Do network relationships differ from relations in real life?

Do network relationships differ from relations in real life?

With our cam chat blog you can also read more interesting articles about such interesting topic as relationships in the cyberspace. Is it a problem? Or maybe it is a great opportunity to know the person without troubles? It is kind off difficult to answer on this question, but we will try.

Every relationship begins with the image that you grant the person. I think it is no secret that we do not perceive others objectively. In a relationship two people are interested in each other, first of all see what they want to see, and closed their eyes to something that does not fit into their "ideal". As the relationship develops, we learning the person better and at every stage we decide whether we will keep the relationships on or not. So the network to maintain the image easier and easier to comply with it. That is, you do not see the whole person, all his qualities (including those that you personally would find flaws), and the person may be represented, whom he wants. Therefore, the relationship of the network is difficult to translate into reality.

It is difficult, but not impossible. It all depends on the purpose. If you want to stay in their virtual images, the network is a great place to meet those needs. If you are looking for a partner for a joint life, any fantasy, speculation and masquerade will be a hindrance. But there is a plus in a relationship through a network as a start of partnership "in reality". There are people who feel uncomfortable in person or cannot find like-minded people. In the network in special communities can find someone who likes the same music, books or shares your worldview. Then you can try on this basis to develop communication and relationship. I can tell you on a personal experience. At that moment, we were not looking for a mate, just got the fellowship. Because he met face to face and then decide whether or not right for each other already for a different level of relations. Experience a virtual relationship I was also. From any communication can get a variety of relationships and situations. But in different environments have its own peculiarities and pitfalls, which should be remembered disproportionately large set of conventions and the lack of physical intimacy. People, of course, are different, and someone is happy, but three out of four people would surely say that real love must be converted into something tangible. With a virtual second half did not descend for a walk, do not look a movie together, not get warm on a cold night is just the usual romance is ephemeral. And about any breakfast in bed, the dream is not worth it. A related phenomenon - love at a distance. Meetings and contacts snatches a tete-a-tete, life in the hope that someday they will be together. All this is fueled by a flurry of jealousy, if there is a suspicion that the virtual passion attractive offline.

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