Discard stereotypes when dating with a guy

Discard stereotypes when dating with a guy

Unfortunately, society affects people not always favorable. When we hurt / lonely / sad, we are saved by the fact that we are surrounded by people. However, society girls are imposed on the various behaviors that are not conducive to finding a man in real life or chat rooms online. According to statistics, women are much more in the world. Therefore, acquaintance with a man can turn into a big problem.

Give up stereotypes

Society imposes on us its stereotypes, and the slightest deviation from them can have a negative impact on a person. One would assume that looking for a man in the twenty-first century will be much easier than in the middle ages. Then, in principle, partners lacked everything, and girls did not write "I want to meet a nice guy" on the shutters of their windows. The twenty-first century is a century of bold, daring and committed people. But when the girl wants to get acquainted with the man - it causes resentment and misunderstanding, because you cannot be the first to take the initiative!

But there are many men who are simply shy and afraid to make the first move. So what? To the end of life be alone, do not leave any offspring, and freezing cold evening, sitting alone in your chair? After all, there is nothing wrong in the fact that the initiative may come from women. Courage - the lot strong. But the "weaker sex" does not always want to be.

Meeting with the young man radically changes the life of any girl. Of course, someone became friends, who are engaged in a joint case, someone to marry. I think the girls would not even know that 90% of their current friends / friends / neighbors / colleagues or people you met in freecam chat, if not the first to make contact.

 So why do women have to follow this old-fashioned rules?

 It turns out that in real life, women are deprived of a chance to get acquainted with a man. And then Google is torn from the "I want to marry a serious dating site" queries. But in real life, you can ask for too!

 Meeting with the young man should not be equated to something illegal and wrong. We live in a democratic society, we have the right to choose and we have the right to perform any actions, if they are, of course, within the law. And if I have every right to do, why can I disable it? Time does not stand still, every day changes, replace archaisms come neologisms. Acquaintance with a man - this is not a crime; do not be afraid of condemnation and contemptuous attitudes.

 Many seek their happiness in the spaces of the Internet:  "I want to meet a nice guy," etc. Here's another stereotype: on the Internet all the guys looking only for sex without commitment. Not for communication, friendship, flirtation and serious relationships, just sex. You know how it is absurd? Again, not all awarded with courage and determination to meet in the street; eventually to human walking cannot be simply time. So, do not be shy and try our chatroulette alternative!

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