The Den review

The Den review

Today we are going to talk about the horror movie that is about our main subject – webcam chat.

A girl receives a grant for the study of human behavior, about to carry out his research by video chat with girls. During the journey across the expanses of the chat, and then, getting on exhibitionists, freaks, frauds and other outstanding personalities, the main character stumbles upon a video once cold-blooded, the massacre of an unknown woman. The police refused to launch an investigation, and friends claim that this is one of the many staging sadistic roller-draws in excess of wandering on the Internet. But soon the main character begins to come threatening messages and video messages, and friends disappear one by one...

Worthy sequel of Paranormal Activity series!

The filmmakers managed to intrigue developments force to empathize with the main actors, and always maintain a high level of tension in the film (which until recently did not understand who the killer is, what his motives are and whether what is happening next planned very realistic video chat strangers raffle). It is worth noting director staging through which the unfolding events look very dynamic and capable of several times to really scare and even startled by the sudden appearance of the killer. By the way the appearance of a maniac came out very colorful and sinister, although at first glance looks rustic.

I would like to praise and camera work. Often (although, to tell the truth, almost always) when we watching the film, supposedly filmed by the participants on their own cameras, understand what is still happening on the screen is very difficult because of the wildly shaking specifically degraded image because of the lack of lighting. From such a demonstration event, begins to feel dizzy and sick eyes (of being in constant tension in a vain attempt anything to see). In "The Den" like almost no, all the important points clearly removed while the picture does not lose the atmosphere "documentary" of what is happening, from what movie, of course, only wins.

The Den going to blow your mind!

Expectations about acting were not very high and it is more pleasant that the actors involved in the film were able to get to empathize with his characters, gave their characters and emotions. Particularly commendable game Melanie Papalia, who performed his role very naturally and professionally, resulting in her character arouse sympathy and empathy for their fate.

The film does not pretend to be a cult, or to bring in the horror genre something new and original, but, thanks to an interesting story of omegle alternative, and professional work of the entire crew, the place of honor among the interesting, intense, capable scare thriller should take on the right.

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