Dating rules that should be broken

Dating rules that should be broken

You already know the person by talking in live video chat and want dating in real life? There are many rules regarding meetings aimed at finding a suitable partner, but many of them are outdated because do much more harm than something good. Instead of playing stupid games, better be yourself and your chances of successful relationship will grow considerably.

Here are the rules that should disturb, if you really wanna have good time and a good start of relations.


Avoidance of "serious" topics

One of traditional rules recommends not touching in discussion some serious issues on first date and it applies to politics or religion and even the desired number of children. If you basically these questions, it's best to clarify them immediately. Just try to keep light tone of the conversation and go to it in second half of date.


Sex schedule

Many have heard about such traditional rules of "no sex on first date" or maybe "sex on third date." Intimacy should depend on communication. No noncommittal sex can result in a great relationship and the time delay, only to follow the rule, just silly. No matter what you choose, make sure that the partner agrees with you, take your time, but don't tighten due to old-fashioned rules.


 Exclusion of the fast next meeting

Games are not best way if you’re looking for deeper relationship. If you respond to failure, considering that it is too serious the sense will come of it. When you wanna meet, the partner agrees to the proposal, as long as they don't go against your own plans.


Avoidance of talking about ex

One of the established rules for the meeting "there is no talk about the ex" also needs to be reviewed. It's normal to mention break or divorce, if you don't long to dwell on the subject. Concentrate on the lesson you learned from your past relationships and do not tell as you have no luck with men.


No spark

So, if you believe in love at first sight, is likely to remain alone. The same thing applies to conclusion that you must meet only with those you immediately felt the attraction. If date goes nice, you have a lot in common: from hobby to the fundamental values then give the partner a chance. The attraction may appear when you know each other better, but it's worth paying attention to even smallest of its manifestation.


If he pays he feels like a man

Some guys feel humiliated when don't pay for all but others are not hurt your reluctance to share expenses. Therefore, it is necessary to break such rule after. Do not attach great importance to this, and if he pays for dinner, so you can pay for some drinks or coffee.


He must have condoms

Some things can spoil evening for a moment, for example, removing clothing, you may find out  that no one seized condoms. Do not expect that they will be a partner, the more you better find a place in her purse.

If you don't want your conversations on free local chat come to naught in person, try to listen to this advice.

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