Chat together: how to diversify online relationships

Chat together: how to diversify online relationships

Open any treatise on psychology or kitchen Women's Forum and you will find there a collection of recommendations for refreshment long relationship. Only here in the world, where we sit all day at work or study and for the most part deal with his sweetheart stickers on free chat room, these rose petals and scented candles can be thrust far away. On the internet routine, even more than in real life - so time to change something. Here are some simple ways to help your passion melt web.

1. Write letters

No, not really - it's posturing. Even if you're nostalgic for past glory, it will lose any semblance of relevance. Just remember when you last wrote to each other emails with detailed stories about his life, love effusions and philosophical arguments. If your relationship is under the age of five years and they had a long absence with limited access to the Internet, it is unlikely that your mailbox store hundreds of volumes of correspondence. It is necessary to fill this gap: at least then be able to issue an epistolary novel - contemporary literature they have lacked. You can also visit video chat rooms together

Couples that using video chat online is the best combination!

2. Communicate pictures

When all the way, the time to use the means of communication that are available to us offline. The first method is trivial - an exchange of interesting links of free anonymous chat. It works well during an argument when you still want to blow and shut up, but it is necessary to check whether your beloved suffering and did not go there in a desperate spree. In peacetime, better exchange pictures to your taste - from the bowels "tumblers" to frivolous self. The main thing is no letters, evening hex.

Chatting together is amazing, everyone should try random chat!

3. Speak a foreign language

Remember parents Addams family? In the heat of passion they always told each other something in French. Choose the language capabilities and follow their example: immediately feels the charm of novelty. Even if you can not boast free Spanish set hotly sounding random words also work. The main thing that you two do not have to rely on Google Translate to translate the text and constantly back and forth, or a headache and complete miscommunication provided.

4. Change the messenger

In every relationship have its own traditions, and the usual random chat site is not an exception. But tricky eyes, smiles do not seem so pathetic and even the font and shape of the window messages begin to oppress. So, it's time to download the "ICQ" or return to the untimely forgotten Google Talk - remember how nice combination <3 turns it on its side and becomes scarlet?

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