Boys and girls: 5 signs that you are "just friends"

Boys and girls: 5 signs that you are "just friends"

Some believe that the friendship between a man and a woman there, but sometimes the facts speak for themselves, our online chat resource Randomchat going to deal with it. Publication the Ekb Room the available experience of friendship between the sexes, and choose seven characteristics that will help you understand who your friend is and who something quite different is.

One of the most common phrases, which can often occur during your "strong" relationship, goes something like this: "We are with just friends." The conflict is brewing after someone found a picture of you in chat random and your correspondence with the other halves of the mysterious person. As part of the eternal existence of demagoguery about the friendship between a man and a woman, TER has identified 7 features by which you can determine what you really are just friends.

The golden rule: you do not feel the desire about each other

And do not present yourself in the most passionate and fiery wreath even before bedtime. You are a good time for talking; you can do without plenty of physical contact between you. Or while you both spending time at web chats like omegle, there is no obscenely desires. Otherwise, whether or not to recall the sweet comedy with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and her happy ending?

At parties and get-togethers you are not satisfied with sex and "innocent" merrymaking

Imagine situation: jokes, fun, drink, free chatroulette alternative, and then snoring on one cot, but not kiss and not tight around every corner in honour of your great and strong fraternal relations. In he next morning, none of you with a clear conscience does not say that "this does not mean anything, so simply out of friendship."

Sometimes it is a little bit hard to distinguish friendship and love, but we are tried to do it

Nobody cancels those situations where someone of you on your financial situation was on the level with a starving child in Africa. In friendship to feed, drink and travel to borrow 23 dollars, but it should not get in the habit or obligation. No one tells you to become nasty miser; one should just rely on your budget.

Adequate attitude to each other lovers

This means that with peace of mind, you can discuss personal relationships, to give advice, and to deal in all of this romantic. You are not jealous and do not compare yourself to her new passion in my heart saying that the two of you "still would be much more harmonious pair."

Do not try to look like the fashion magazine cover

He had not shaved for a week and had grown like a snowman; she did not wash her head and painted yesterday. They went out for an evening stroll, just to talk and spend time together. So do just friends. And do not go to the meeting to each other as if just dropped out of the conveyor beauty in the most gorgeous clothes from her wardrobe. You do not hesitate to seem ridiculous, ugly or a little worse for wear, because friendship is - not the main thing.

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