Alphabet of chat acronyms

Alphabet of chat acronyms

Chatting as other online resources acquired its own specific features. Over time, society has developed special acronyms – the abbreviations formed from the first letters or parts of words and are pronounced as a new word. Usually, they are formed on the basis of commonly used phrases to facilitate and speed up your chat.

Here are some of them:

Acronyms with the letter A:
  • AAMOF is As a Matter of Fact
  • AKA is Also known as
  • AFAIR means As far as I remember / recall
  • ACK means Acknowledgment
  • AFK is Away from Keyboard
  • AFAIK means As far as I know

  • Acronyms with the letter B:
  • B / C is Because
  • BTW is By the Way
  • B2K BTK means for Back to Keyboard
  • BTT means Back to Topic

  • Acronyms with the letter C:
  • C & P is Copy and Paste
  • CYS is Check your Settings
  • CU is See you

  • Make your chatting much more easily with them!

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