6 ways to win and make friends

6 ways to win and make friends

"The principle of the mirror", is smile, compliments and other psychological techniques to help to win over people and make new friends. Stay online with our chat with random people blog.


In 1999, researchers at New York University have confirmed the action "principle of mirror", which means unconscious copying of behavior and facial expressions of people whom we sympathize. Participants were more like communicating with those who copied them. This can and should be enjoyed in life. Feel free to use the "mirror principle": repeat the gestures and expressions of your contact person, and try to tune in to his emotional wave (this is important in any communication).

2. Spend more time together

People like familiar things. Permanent human presence in the field of view makes it closer to us. This effect, scientists at MIT studied back in the 1950s. They found that students who live close to each other, become friends more often than those who spoke in the distance. Friendship can begin even with forced passive contact - for example, the habit of greeting the morning. This effect was confirmed by psychologists from the University of Pittsburgh. They asked a few girls to attend lectures at the university. After a few weeks of their pictures showed men who attended the lecture along with them. And although they did not communicate with the girls, the survey showed that men were arranged to communicate with those who often come to class. If you want have some fun – try our free video chat with girls.

3. Say nice things to others

It is important that what you are talking about other people, the other person can broadcast themselves or for you - so try to say nice things. Author of the book "Project" Happiness »(The Happiness Project) Gretchen Rubin (Gretchen Rubin) is confident that all that we say about others affects how we are perceived. If you describe someone as a true and good, the same quality and you will be credited with. Conversely, if people constantly talk about the shortcomings, these qualities will be associated with you.

4. Be in a good mood

Learn to control your emotions. The mood is surrounding the strong effect on our own. According to scientists at the University of Ohio and the University of Hawaii, people can feel the emotions of those who are close by. If you want others to feel happy, try and be such.

5. Make friends with friends of friends

It's simple: people are increasingly taking social networking application for the friendship of those who already have common friends. And in the life of two people will be closer to each other if they have friends in common.

6. Do not flatter

Compliments are perceived well, if you do not go to far with them. In 1965, at the University of Minnesota have confirmed this fact. Eighty students worked in pairs. After studying each shared his impressions of the total work following the proposed scenarios. Option four was:

  1. to praise;
  2. to criticize;
  3. praise, and then criticize;
  4. to criticize, and then praise.

Best of all the people perceived the third scenario.

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