5 of the most popular scientific error today

5 of the most popular scientific error today

Despite all the advances of modern science around us continue to live much more ridiculous and absurd myths. In this article, we'll tell you about some of them.

Myth: The sun is yellow

Almost every person on the question of the color of the sun surely will respond that it is yellow. But in fact this is not true. The sun just seems yellow because it’s light passing through the atmosphere of our planet. And so it is white. For additional interesting articles you can read more our random chat rooms blog.

Myth: Sahara - the largest desert

We used to think that the desert - it is certainly a lot of sand and very hot. But in fact, the desert can be referred to any area, characterized by a flat surface, sparseness or absence of specific flora and fauna (1). C this point of view the biggest desert is not the Sahara, and the endless ice of Antarctica space (2).

Myth: mobile telephony works via satellites

This myth arose because of constantly appearing in media reports about the launch of the next "communications satellite". However, these satellites have no relation to cellular. In fact, with your smart phone signal is transmitted along the chain from one base station to another. Even when you are connecting to another continent, these are almost always transmitted through submarine cables and not through space. If you need something new and special, we have three words for you: chat omegle alternative.

Myth: The Great Wall of China is the only man-made construction that is visible from space

This myth was born in the XVIII century (1) and was so tenacious that voiced by some teachers of geography and history to this day. However, today it is to prove that the Great Wall cannot be seen with any orbit, even more so from the moon without the use of special optical instruments. This is explained by the fact that the wall is not so wide (maximum 9.1 meters) and about the same color as the ground on which it is located. Girl roulette is the place where the dreams come true!

Myth: Lightning never twice strikes in the same point

It strikes. And it strikes especially if the place is located high above the ground. For example, in a New York skyscraper, Empire State Building (Empire State Building) lightning strikes more than 100 times each year.

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