3 reasons why we do not need a big smartphones

3 reasons why we do not need a big smartphones

The last four years can be traced to the obvious fact that smartphone sales statistics - their size gradually increases. If a couple of years ago, the market was dominated by smartphones with a diagonal of 3.4 inches, but now with the screen smartphones are rarely found even in the lowest price category. Dimensions of smartphones increasing, it is obvious, but there is in this process a problem. People somehow remain the same! Read more with our free random chat rooms chat

We have too little hands

Items are made for people. All the things that surround us are exactly the kind and size needed for the most comfortable use. If to some would-be inventor comes to mind is constantly increasing in size spoons, scissors, keys and call it progress, then sooner or later it necessarily say, "Hey! It's embarrassing! Enough! «So why do we allow such a trick manufacturers of smartphones? We do not turn into giants as they wish, and our hands are not more than a few sizes. These huge smartphone uncomfortable to use with one hand that dilutes the main idea underlying the invention of mobile gadgets is the ability to use them in any situation, including on the go. Read more in our cams cam4 chat!

We have too little head

The original size of the mobile phone has been created in harmony with the average size of a human head. It was comfortable to hold, it does not interfere with the conversation do other things. Look today at the man trying to carry on a conversation using PHABLET. The poor man barely holding it with one hand near the ear, completely hiding behind their huge gadget as if decided to play hide and seek. Not very convenient, and most importantly it is safe while driving, since the review on one side is completely blocked. Why is this? Visit amazing  omegle camera chat.

We have too little pockets

Above, I mentioned two problems that arise during the use of a large smartphone. However, most of the time carried mobile gadgets in our pockets, then, they are mobile. And this again turns out the problem. Huge smartphone has not come out just stick in a pocket of jeans or tight pants. You have to choose special clothes in which your gadget will not stick out and not break. Or find a special bag in which the smartphone will feel comfortable. Is it too great sacrifices for the sake of some electronic toy? She still will dictate to us what to wear?

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