3 Reasons of ignoring online

3 Reasons of ignoring online

You are trying to meet in the chat, but you are ignored? It may be several reasons, and here are some of them.

Appearing too stupid online

Avoid strange profiles that identify you as nerds or weirdoes. Nobody wants to deal with this category of people. Try to merge with the majority. This does not mean that you have to kill your personality, but you can adjust it a little bit. Try to be and look mature.

Bored profile headline

Do not be trivial; it is not necessary to write something like this: "Hey it's me." or that, "Hahaha. Hello world". Much better would be even if you put there is not too clear a quote or an unusual metaphor, but all sorts of platitudes just drive people away. You do not necessarily invent something incredible, just a little creativity.

Lame profile picture

Your profile picture is your business card. Of course, do not necessarily look like a magazine cover, but do not place it first got the photo where you're with a crumpled face and shirt. You need to look attractive on this picture.

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