11 hidden clues that shows you that your partner is good in bed. A couple of clear signs

11 hidden clues that shows you that your partner is good in bed. A couple of clear signs

Welcome to our random chat blog, and lets sort out 11 clues that shows that your partner is experienced lover.

1. He is ready for anything.

I had a friend that has been stored pads and tampons in the house, as well as the hair brush and women's disposable razor. I was a little surprised when I first came to his home, but I thought that there were so many women who need these things in this apartment, so he just decided to stock up on them.

2. He is not the owner.

Partner who have a big experience do not usually tend to demonstrate it in public. I noticed that most inexperienced men are touched me in public, as if they "obscuring" me from other men. In addition, when addressed the topic of sex, experienced men know that women actually enjoy sex, while inexperienced men with whom I met, walked around and around this theme, until it was quite embarrassing.

3. He knows your anatomy.

An experienced man knows where the clitoris is and what to do with him.

An inexperienced man doesn’t know what clitoris is. Check out our chat with girls, here you can have some adult fun.

4. He is a great kisser.

I think the man experienced when a kiss with him is fun and not feel as if he is trying too much and just pushes his lips to yours.

5. He is not rushing

If a guy is too fast or binds clings to you, we can just say that he is inexperienced. He is afraid to lose you, and fills all your space.

6. He definitely seen or deal with it before.

It normally refers to the entire negative and ridiculous. It is not surprising cellulite or different types of the labia majora, and he is always able to control himself during intercourse.

7. Kiss will tell you everything.

Kissing - a great indicator.

Inexperienced: mouth wide open, repetitive actions without a difference in pressure; put your tongue in your mouth.

Experienced: chewing, sucking your lips, you are exploring your tongue, but it was not too much in your mouth. Enthusiast kisses with different pressure. Basically, a good kiss is an indicator of good oral sex. Movement is substantially the same. Men ... If a woman tells you that you are amazing kisser, it's time to go below.

8. Confidence.

9. Community, multiplied by the confidence.

In fact, experience is shown, when you can maintain a mature discussion about sex, whether both of you respect the personal boundaries of each other, whether the nature of the relationship understand.

And the number of partners does not necessarily make us experienced. One man can have 50 partners, but did not understand it, and the other may know it all with one partner. For me the experience - is communication, multiplied by the confidence.

10. He can give you choice.

It seems to me that an experienced man will let you know that he is interested in you, but he would leave the choice up to you to see what will happen next. If you are not interested, he will take it with dignity, if your feelings are mutual, he will be happy. For inexperienced men it is difficult to let partner go. They emit recklessness, which smells a mile away, and it pushes us even more.

11. He is not afraid to ask what you like and he will do it!

Sex: an experienced man asks what you like and dislike, and will respect your wishes. He will try to give you pleasure to be bold and creative in bed, and kindly give you oral pleasure.

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