10 of the most interesting places that can be seen through webcams

10 of the most interesting places that can be seen through webcams
We have collect top-10 of most interesting and exciting webcam-inlcuded sites, where you can visit the most legendary places on planet (and even above the Earth!)

1. ISS
On the International Space Station NASA established the outer chamber, which is being broadcast live video. Online video shows in the real-time mode. When the astronauts are asleep, all the rest of the camera in the ISS station transmits the current position relative to the Earth, and you can follow its movement in orbit. A live webcast is also underway at the time of important events.

2. Niagara Falls
If you've always dreamed to see Niagara Falls, but to see firsthand this place is not possible, then you have a chance to do it right now. Broadcasting carried out with the included audio, so you can listen to the sound of falling water.

3. Abbey Road
Abbey Road - this is one of the most famous streets of London. Firstly, it is a residence at the premiere, and secondly, it is on this street where was recorded most of songs of the legendary rock band "The Beatles". With web-camera for a while at Abbey Road can be seen around the clock from anywhere in the world.

4. Times Square
The most famous area of the United States is also available for scrutiny at any time.

5. The Kruger National Park
This camera is installed at the boundary of the national park, located in southern Africa. With it you can watch the wildlife. In addition to broadcast pictures and sound quality, so at night you can hear the singing of cicadas and birds.

6. Mount Fuji
In the Japanese city of Numazu, Scandinavia Hotel is featured with the camera, carrying out a live broadcast with sound. It shows Mount Fuji, which is a cult place for the Japanese. Broadcast avaliable around the clock - day and night.

7. North Pole
If the journey to the North Pole seems too risky, you can visit it virtually - with the camera AuroraMAX.

8. South Pole
Once you "visit" the North Pole, you can take a look at the South Pole. Just imagine, moving between the poles will take you just a few minutes!

9. The Panama Canal
Good luck - to catch the moment of passage into the vessel from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. You can also watch the work of the hydraulic channel. The only drawback of this broadcast - low frame rate.

10. Bonaire Marine Park
With the camera you can observe what is happening in the Bonaire Marine Park, which placed in the Caribbean. The camera is suspended not entirely successful, and occupy most of the screen branching trees. But broadcast works in live mode 24\7, and you can select the refresh rate.
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